New Year's Eve has come and gone and it was a blast! I hope everyone had a great time and your new year is off to a roaring start.  Ryan and I attended a party thrown by Dances Of Vice. This year's theme was "Hollywood's Golden Age." Talk about being in one's wheelhouse. 

Naturally, I made two smoking jackets for the event. Being similarly sized makes styling ensembles for two so much easier. Ryan wore the Art Deco Smoking Jacket and I wore the Atomic Smoking Jacket. The body of my jacket is a metallic bronze lace with an Atomic Age style pattern, very 50s kitsch. I backed the lace with black satin which also served as the contrast lapels and bindings. Ryan's jacket is a jacquard fabric with a geometric Art Deco medallion pattern woven into it. This jacket also has black contrast lapels and bindings. They both ended up looking very sharp. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results! 

My burlesque muse, Tansy, also performed at the party in a costume that I designed and made for her.  It was so exciting to see my work in action.

If you find yourself New York City I recommend looking up The Dances of Vice.  They host many parties throughout the year, each with a vintage theme.

-Philip Estrada