America's First Lady of Drag, RuPaul, released her newest music video this week. "Modern Love" is a moody song with a smooth dance beat for all the shoe-gazey  former goth kids dying to hit the dance floor. It feels as though Mama Ru did some reflecting, and I loved it. 

The best part about the video was RuPaul's wardrobe!  She revisited her personal archives and poured herself into THE signature Bob Mackie bodysuit with goddess wings. Mackie knows how to do a set of WINGS!

This amazing ensemble, circa 1995, was featured in Bob's seminal tome "Unmistakably Mackie" (AKA my personal Bible). RuPaul also wore it at The VH1 Fashion & Music Awards that same year. 

It warms my heart when Mack-inistas bust out their vintage duds. It shows that his work holds a special place in their heart. I hope my work will have the same effect.  Not to mention a look like this is timeless!

Werk it out girl!

-Philip Estrada